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Lemon Twist

LEMON TWIST | Peach Blossom Lemonade 120ML eLiquid

LEMON TWIST | Peach Blossom Lemonade 120ML eLiquid

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Peach Blossom Lemonade E-Liquid by Lemon Twist 120mlTaste Test:Peach Blossom Lemonade E-Liquid by Lemon Twist is a sweet, crisp mix of ripe peach slices and lemonade for a refreshing summer blend.Brand Recognition:Lemon Twist E-Liquids is brought to you from the makers of Pop Clouds and Fryd Liquids.Lemon Twist E-liquids introduces three fruity lemonade based flavors that pack the ultimate delicious sweet summer refreshment. Each Lemon Twist comes in an graphically appealing box including 2 x 60ml Chubby Gorilla unicorn bottles. Brought to you with the flavorful quality of Pop Clouds, Lemon Twist brings you the value of 120ml with the convenience of 60ml with an all-in-one package. At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to offer their entire lineup with a value-packed price.Specifications:Bottle Size: 2 x 60ml (milliliter)VG/PG: 70/30

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